June 01, 2007

A Guest Post From Jonathan...

Ryan and JonAMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - Tonight is Ryan and I's last night together. He leaves in the morning to London by train and I leave Sunday aboard an airplane for Toronto. We'll make the most of it. So far Amsterdam has been very good to us.

We met up in Prague 12 days ago. We've spent time in Prague, Berlin, Koln and here in Amsterdam. It's been really great traveling with Ryan seeing how he is both a great friend and a pro-traveler. He has become seasoned over the last 20 months; North America, Central America, The Pacific, Southeast Asia, Asia, and Europe. He'll be back in Toronto soon enough, so parting wont be so bad. Next time I see him (in about 10 days), we'll both be in the real world.

I've gone 2.6% around the world without taking a plane. It was amazing. Ryan will have done it all. I am very proud of him and look forward to having him back.