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April 2, 2007 03:07 AM

A Slow Boat To China

Hazy DaysSHANGHAI, CHINA - The Ferry from Osaka took more than 50 hours but went without incident. Our accommodation was comfortable and clean and I was lucky enough to have a handful of other English speaking passengers. The crew put us all in the same dormitory style cabin which made the trip pass faster than my previous crossing from China to Korea. With very little English language entertainment on board, the few foreigners were a lifesaver.

It dawned on me as I stared out at the rolling waves from my cabin aboard the ferry bound for China that I was looking out at the Pacific Ocean. Either the Pacific Ocean is huge, or I haven't made much progress at all on this round-the-world voyage. After all it was October of 2005 when Brian and I first encountered the Pacific. I've been flirting with this Ocean for more than a year and a half!

In the spirit of moving on and seeing something other than the Pacific Ocean, I've started playing my usual games with the Russian Embassy. I'm banking on the rumour that the Shanghai branch is more manageable than the Beijing one.

I'll post more about Shanghai itself in a day or two. For now the haze here is obscuring my view of nearly everything including the skyline (pictured), despite me being close enough that if the buildings fell they could land on me. It's another one of the worlds biggest cities...

*I won't be posting my usual links to either the BBC or Wikipedia as both of those sites are blocked by the censors here in China. I will however continue to report the hard hitting truth from theroadislife...


catherine said:

the photo (mis-)information... What was that all about??? lol talk about lost in translation!!

April 4, 2007 07:23 PM
josh said:

after being on the road so long i guessed you'd have a keen sense of smell for the good hostels....oh i read 'on the road' on the way home....your quote inspired me...

April 4, 2007 08:50 PM
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