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January 10, 2007 10:03 PM

On The Road Again

Chungking MansionBANGKOK, THAILAND - The Chungking Mansions in the Heart of Hong Kong may sound like a luxurious place to sleep but like so many things in life there exists a certain irony in it's name.

Seeing as I was wandering around the mean streets of Hong Kong in the wee hours of the morning hunting for somewhere to sleep - The decadent YMCA, and every other conventional hotel, it seemed, was full. I was tired. I'd just endured a long haul flight from Toronto to Tokyo then on to Hong Kong. All I wanted was a place to lie down that wasn't on the pavement.

Enter the Chungking Mansions: They burst out of the neon lights and glass towers of the city like the eyesore they are. As wide and deep as they are tall, they're more of a living city than a building. Full of dark corridors, dank stairwells and haphazard elevators. They're also full of an infinite number of small guesthouses.

The problem with the room I ended up in wasn't so much the room; it wasn't much bigger than a closet, but it was clean and bright. The rats in the corridors wouldn't dare venture in. No, the real problem with my room was that I was nestled so deep in the labyrinth of the Chungking Mansions that I was fortunate to find my way out in the morning. If I had dared to venture out to the street there was no chance that I'd find my way back. None. I'm certain there are people who went in years ago and have yet to find their way out.

In any case, I did make it out and managed to catch the ferry across the Pearl River estuary to the island of Macau where I flew a very cheap, and very shady discount airline the rest of the way to Bangkok.

I've picked up the trail where I left off, met up with some familiar faces and am planning my next move.


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