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August 17, 2006 09:36 PM

Across Asia by Motorcycle

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - Sailing across the Pacific, then sitting idle in a Gold Coast apartment for weeks, waiting for mail to arrive from overseas, has given me plenty time to think and daydream and scheme.

At some point somewhere along the way the question was raised, I don't remember where exactly; likely late one night in the middle of the Ocean: Why not cross the Asian continent by motorcycle? I have yet to find a reason not too. Think about it. The fact is that Vietnam is physically connected to Paris by an intricate and vast network of roads. It's been done before and there's no physical reason Brian and I can't do it.

I've already done the bus thing (from NYC to Guatemala) and we've done the bicycle bit (From Guatemala to Panama). With a motorcycle, I'll have the same freedom we did to stop anywhere and take side trips that we had with the bicycles, only we'll be able to to it quicker and with less pedaling.

Never mind that I don't actually know how to ride a motorcycle, or that I have no clue about the regulations and costs involved with purchasing a local bike in a 3rd world country as a foreigner; then riding it through nearly 20-different countries to end up somewhere in Europe. I'm not even certain it's bureaucratically possible. The paper-work involved in owning a vehicle in just one, English speaking, country can be difficult enough.

That said, if it's possible to buy a cheap motorcycle in Southeast Asia and get it, legally, across borders then I'll do it. All I'll need to do is convince Brian that it's not too crazy an idea as he'll be rejoining the trip in October. Convincing Brian to do anything that sounds even remotely adventurous is rediculously easy.

Now I have something to occupy myself with over the next two weeks: Get a motorcycle licence and find out just how feasible a trip like this is.


Michael said:

What a great idea! This idea rocks! The adventure will be worth all those dirt roads and bugs stuck in your teeth (I'm thinking of the scene from Dumb & Dumber).

Continued safe travels.


August 18, 2006 09:25 AM
GarettD said:

How Ernestno "Che" Guevara of you! If I'm not mistaken, he undertook a similar trip through Latin and South America while studying medicine. It was these experiences (which he collected in a diary), in seeing all the impoverishment, that led him to study Marxism and get involved in the social revolutions that were beginning to take place.

What an amazing experience it would be to undertake a journey of that nature.

God speed and good luck!

August 18, 2006 11:51 AM
tina said:

Wow!!I wonder if it is possible. Definitely would be doing as the Romans do...only as the Asians do...Pretty amazing....just stay safe though!! Wow I heard Vietnam is Beautiful!

August 19, 2006 12:32 PM
Pete said:

You better learn how to work on a motorcycle. I would imagine their would be many flat tires and problems with bearing and who knows what on all those less than adequate roads.

August 20, 2006 05:07 PM