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June 15, 2006 09:03 PM

Paradise Found (and luggage too)

MOOREA, FRENCH POLYNESIA - Today it seems that our luggage finding efforts have finally paid off. On a couple tips from people in the know we we're relieved to find the yacht "Takin' Off" moored in Cook's Bay on the island of Moorea. Eight days without a change of clothes was starting to wear on us. It turns out that I'd been within 400 metres of the boat on two previous occassions, for I'd independently travelled out here by ferry while Brian continued to scour the island of Tahiti. The boat lost it's wind generator, boom tent and had a blue tarp covering the bimini due to a pretty big storm the other night... which also explains why it didn't return to Tahiti with our luggage; it is effectively stranded in Cook's Bay until it's engine is back in order.

A special thanks is due to everybody who's donated money in the last several days and to Tommy Toman, our good friend and long time travelling companion, who set us up with some of his very own travelling wardrobe before flying out to the USA.

Our next major obstacle will be getting ourselves back to Tahiti and all of her yachts looking for crew. Rumor has that some disgruntled fishermen have blockaded the reef pass used by the inter-island Ferries. The only way off this island now is by private yacht or helicopter; at least for the time being.

Don't feel sorry for us, it's an absolute paradise out here. Now that I have my camera, there may be some pictures, in the near future, to prove it.


tommy said:

glad you lads got your stuff back. thanks for the send of drink in the airport .at least i was able to sleep on the plane.dont forget to send my dear mother a postcard for my donations !!
take care and BE LUCKY .....TOM

June 17, 2006 12:01 PM