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May 2, 2006 10:55 AM

Galapagos - French Polynesia (Marquesas)

Takin' Off (From The Stern)GALAPAGOS, ECUADOR - We've been here now for 6 days; long enough to see some sights, make necessary repairs and re provision the boat. Today we sail for the Marquesas Archipelago, a remote part of French Polynesia famous, in recent history, as being the site for the 4th series of Survivor on CBS (you know, the one with 'Boston Rob'). At 3000 nm (5600 km), this will be the biggest stretch of Ocean we´ll encounter on our trip around the world.

The Pilot Charts suggest that we´ll have fair winds and following seas the entire way. These are the Pacific Trade Winds, said to blow consistently all year round. The latest Weatherfax is supporting what the Pilot Charts are saying. For the foreseeable future, wind from the Southeast at 20 knots; Perfect.

At approximately 100 nautical miles per day, it´ll take us 30-days to reach the Islands. This of course is only a guess as I have yet to see the boat sail downwind and there is a chance of being slowed by doldrums which sometimes appear near the equator. We could be faster and we could be slower. Expect us to arrive anywhere from 25-35 days from now (My guess - June 2nd)

Our length of time of course means that there will be a large time between posts on this site. To help maintain continuity, Brian and I have composed a few articles that should appear here automatically while we sail.

For now though, it´s so long once again for we sail today, shortly after lunch. While it doesn´t seem as significant as the leg from Panama to here, it's a big step, geographically speaking, on our trip around the world.

The road is life can no longer be taken literally, for the next 30-days el mar es nuestra vida.