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May 1, 2006 06:34 PM

Diving The Galapagos

North Seymour (SCUBA Diving)GALAPAGOS, ECUADOR - While Brians attempts at 'dancing' underwater with a pair of sea lions were made less than graceful due to a thick wetsuit and cumbersome SCUBA gear, I kept cranking neck to keep an eye on the small cave, less than three metres away, that housed no less than four white tip sharks. They say they´re harmless but, I´m not exactly sure who 'they' is and in my eye these sharks looked menacing enough to warrant at least some of my attention..

Lacking the colourful coral of Honduras and Panama, the diving we´ve done here in the Galapagos isn´t without it´s excitement. It seems that everything here is big; freakishly so. The wildlife here is in your face and unafraid. At times it seems as though the various species compete for attention. While sharks swim lazily by, a couple sea turtles will barge in front of your line of sight only to be obscured by a giant school of small, dark fish moving like a cloud and reducing visibility to a couple inches. Not to worry though, the sea lions won't leave you out of sight for long, you can expect them to chase everything away in order to hog your attention with elaborate circles and playful dances.

It's another world; it´s one that I can´t show you. Most other divers carry waterproof housing units for their cameras. I don´t. Partly because I lack the means to buy one and partly because I lack the space in my backpack to carry one around. Sure, It'd be nice to photograph some of the spectacular things I´ve seen at 60ft under the sea, I´m sure I´d appreciate it years down the road. For now this newly discovered world will have to exist solely in my memory.