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April 18, 2006 10:39 AM

So Long... We Sail Today

Pilot ChartDAVID PANAMA - This is something I must have spent several thousand hours day-dreaming about over the course of my life. It blows my mind to actually stop to realize that I'm doing it. I don´t really even know how I got this far, I just started telling everybody it would happen. We set a date and when the time came I left my job, moved my furniture into storage and just did it; one step at a time.

After 3 weeks of cleaning, painting, varnishing and provisioning we'll be leaving Central America with this afternoon's tide. Our first concrete destination will be the Marquesas Islands, a small and isolated group of islands owned by French Polynesia. This initial crossing will be the longest open water passage on our way to Australia. In fact people say it´s the longest open water passage in the world. Up to 40 days.

There is however a chance that we´ll stop in at the only other land mass along the way, The Galapagos islands. The way the currents and winds work this time of year, we´ll need to sail down to the equator (8 degrees) to catch the trade winds. If the sailing is easy and the wind anywhere but on our bow, there is a chance of making landfall at the Galapagos (10-15 days).

I guess what I'm saying is that I probably won´t be posting again until April 28th and it could be as long as May 28th. Big discrepancy, I know, but such is the nature of sailing. We are at the mercy of the wind.

*In other news
- As I meet more and more people, the traffic continues to grow each month. A couple weeks ago The Gazette, the daily newspaper for the University of Western Ontario featured an article about this site and this week I´m featured on the front page of PublicBroadcasting.ca as a 'Great Blog'. In addition to the donations that keep rolling in, we´ve been helped along by some of the online crew banks including a complimentary membership to Crewbay, one of the more professional crewing services offered online.


Jonathan said:

Several thousand hours day-dreaming... You're not quite 28. Let's assume you only started day-dreaming about sailing around the world when you were 5... you're telling me that you have spent 1 hour of every three days day-dreaming about sailing around the world ?

I'm thinking that once this is all over, presuming that you would be done day-dreaming about sailing around the world, that the 1 hour every three days could be put to good use.

maybe you should take up soduko.

stay safe and keep roaming hobo-style.

April 18, 2006 02:07 PM
Chad said:

You are my hero, and yes, I found this site because I'm a regular reader of the gazette.

April 18, 2006 03:18 PM
Andrew Bell said:

Since you can't read this until you get to an internet outlet deal I'm going to send Karma, the good variety only, instead of luck in the hopes that the latter will reach you faster.

April 18, 2006 11:29 PM
Alisa Singh said:

Congratulations on doing what you've always dreamed of, few of us are brave enough to step up and do the same...this is some cool s**t! Safe journey!!!

April 19, 2006 11:24 AM
Berns said:

That's amazing Ryan..your living the dream!
I am so proud of you!
Bon Voyage!

April 19, 2006 05:57 PM
Weelr said:

Hey guys! I found this blog when it was advertised in The Gazette at Western. I've been reading a bit everyday. This blog is really inspirational and I hope that I can do something half as neat this. Thanks a ton for the entertainment and inspiration! I think I might have to take up sailing this summer.

Thanks again!


April 20, 2006 01:49 AM
jeni said:

You've come a long way from staring at that map on the wall in your tiny 'office' in 1220 Richmond St. dreaming about sailing the world to finally actually doing it. Congrats on making it happen!
We miss you back in T.O.
Travel safe please!

April 25, 2006 06:23 PM
ward said:

Like you couldn't spring for a sat phone to keep your loyal readers up to date? Now who the hell am I going to live vicariously through for the next 100 days?

May the wind be at your back boys.

April 26, 2006 02:12 AM
Jonathan said:

A little birdie told me that there might be some auto-posting of some stuff that they wrote before they left. But don't quote me. Or the little birdie.

April 26, 2006 10:06 AM
D.Janveaux said:


Visions of your daily life fill my consciousness with ideas only movies are capable of creating. Although I close my eyes to think what the ocean breeze must feel like..it seems much too unimaginable. The boys and I will be touring South East Asia during Mid July....we'll be finishing off in Thailand during the week of July 20th. I can only hope the wind will carry you towards our drunken smell.

One hand for the boat..and one hand for yourself.

G'luck Mate,


April 26, 2006 01:57 PM
Erin said:


I am so so so so so so so glad that you are sailing on your way to Austraila, RIGHT NOW!!! I have been out of touch the last couple of weeks and when I came on your blog was so excited that you are doing what you set out to do. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Be safe and have mucho fun! I can't wait to read all about your adventures.


ps- are you still growing that beard?

April 27, 2006 09:47 AM