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January 11, 2006 12:21 PM

Hunkered Down on the Border of El Salvador

I need to make this one quick. This is the only computer in town and people are queueing to use it... at least I think that´s why this guy is reading over my shoulder.

We´re hunkered down at the "Hotel California" right on the border of El Salvador (I can see the border from where I´m sitting), have been since last night. It´ll be a couple more hours before we move on as Willie finishes recovering from a nasty bit of heat exhaustion and we wait for Brian´s rear tire to get fixed again. This time the rear cassette and bearings blew out while climbing a particularly nasty hill.

This hotel, in fact this entire town, is not what I would call a travellers paradise. There are private showers and toilets in the rooms but no water comes out of any of the pipes other than the sink; Of course the sink is missing the necessary pipes to take the water away. As a result, everything splashes onto the bathroom floor. We can´t complain though, since hitting the Pacific Coast there has been very little infrastructure of any kind. I doubt it´ll be any better in El Salvador.

The scenery is spectacular and people are more than friendly, often running out onto the road to shake our hands or to cheer us on. As soon as the tire is ready to go, we´ll spend our remaining Quetzales on water and head into El Salvador... hopefully toward some beaches.


Sally said:

Hey guys,

I really cant believe your biking down to Panama ... which is a fantastic country btw. I rode a bike yesterday ... I fell down maybe 6 times. It was ok ... I drowned my sorrows.



January 11, 2006 02:45 PM
sares said:

Ryan i am sooo pumped you are doing this, it sounds freakin amazing!! All the bad stuff seems crappy now but it makes great stories...i am tres jelloso!! Have fun and be careful please!! Miss ya

January 13, 2006 11:55 PM