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December 18, 2005 01:20 PM

Bueno Vista Social Club

Guatemalan KidsAt least part of the point of travelling around the world with no real plan is for unexpected and random things to happen. We've certainly been places and done things that I wouldn't have fathomed 90 days ago. In fact, I've been meaning to post some of these strange and wonderful experiences to this site but as of late, have been admitedly negligent.

While I'm riding Chicken Buses through to Guatemalan countryside, playing futbol with scores of barefoot children, exploring dark caves with nothing but candlelight and then standing as still as possible while tens of thousands of bats whisk by into the jungle dusk all you get is a picture of a bowl of seafood soup.

While we climb active volcanoes to peer into the centre of the earth, take cover behind trees and cars amist a strange blend of festive pandemonium, as fireworks spout in every direction from burning effigies of the Devil (It's a legitimate festival...honest.), or see the sun rise on a full-moon party on the shores of the stunning volcano rimmed Lago Atitlan, you've been forced to look at the same bowl of soup for four days now. What can I say? I've been meaning to relate these stories and more but, at this point, for me to go back and recount everything sounds far too tedious; for me, and surely for you the reader.

But last night, last night was about as random as it can get. We settled into to a crowded, but decidedly quaint Café No Sé in Antigua, Guatemala only to be treated to a performance by two of the surving members of the famed Bueno Vista Social Club. Now, I'm no music critic, but it's enough to say that these guys blew us out of the water. The music sounds laid back enough, but to watch these guys wail on their drums and blow into their flutes is something else. Incredible.


Andrew said:


I hope this is not too crass to post on line.

You never know what offends people these days.

December 19, 2005 11:25 PM