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October 5, 2005 12:26 AM


All You Need For A Trip Around The WorldSuccess. It seemed like an impossible task but I did it. I packed my entire life into these two small bags. Just two bags of clothing and gear. I'm pretty sure I have roughly the same volume of stuff to go around the world as many people bring to a cottage for a long weekend. Except for a few small items that still need to be picked up in Toronto, beginning tomorrow, I'll be living exclusively from these two bags.

Of course my luggage didn't always look as neat and tidy as you see pictured above. I've developed a highly effective, two-step packing strategy that I might consider trademarking and selling if I didn't already have my hands full with this trip. Consider yourselves lucky, you get this packing advice free of charge. Here it is: Gadgets and Stuff - To Bring Around the World

1. Throw everything that you think you might want to use while travelling onto a pile on the floor. Don't eliminate anything. If you think you can use it, add it to the pile. All the important decisions come later, in step two.

2. Begin removing things from the pile while chanting to yourselfClothes to Bring Around the World
my new favorite mantra: "Less is more." As soon as the pile has diminished enough to fit into the luggage you've got, pack it up and then take a nap.

That's it. It's that easy. In my case it worked out to two easily carried bags. A 50 Litre backpack and a 58 Litre MEC duffle bag. (My daypack is actually inside the duffle bag.)

Tomorrow will be a trial run for me as I'll be making my way over to Sudbury (2hrs) to board a bus down to Toronto (5.5hrs), which is officially where we want to leave from, and return to.

I plan to provide a breakdown of what I'm bringing and what I've decided to leave behind in the FAQ section very soon.


drew said:

Hey Ryan,
I was wondering why you're not bringing a back pack. the duffle bag seems like it'd be more of a pain in the a$$.

October 5, 2005 12:09 PM
Ryan said:


I only have one back. I can sling the duffel across my shoulder just as easily as I would an extra backback. I don't know; I guess this is what works for me.


The duffel has a day pack, filled mostly with gadgets and important documents and a sleeping bag... The rest of the bulk it taken up with my foul weather gear. If I ditched the foul weather gear, I'm sure I could consolidate everything into the black pack and a day pack only.

Worst case senario, if I decide that the foul weather gear is too much of a ball and chain I can ship it home. Either way, as it stands I can walk several kilometers with everything I have. Remember, I'm not packing for a hike. During the year I spent in Australia I did a lot of thinking about what kind of luggage I'd take on my next trip.... We'll see.

Part of me wishes that I could go with a notebook and a toothbrush in my back pocket.

October 5, 2005 04:09 PM
jonathan said:

"Part of me wishes that I could go with a notebook and a toothbrush in my back pocket."

...and the other part of me needs a laptop, a cell phone, an ipod, a usb memory stick and a digital camera.

October 6, 2005 08:37 AM
Tim Drodge said:

What's on your iPod?? Hope you have enough tunes to get you 'round the world.

October 6, 2005 01:07 PM
Ryan said:

I think the 37 Gigs on my iPod will last me at least until it gets stolen or broken, which, knowing me will happen sooner rather than later.

Also, maybe I should clarify;

A small part of me wishes I could go with a notebook and a toothbrush in my back pocket. While most of me drools over any form of gadget and can't bear the thought of being away from digital toys for any length of time.

October 6, 2005 03:13 PM