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October 6, 2005 04:19 PM


Day 1

Is it the U.S Rangers that always strive to never leave a man behind? or is it the Navy Seals? Whoever it is, it's not me. I barely blinked an eye when Brian told me today that there was 'no chance' of him hooking up with us before Saturday or Sunday. Our ride leaves early this evening (in 2 or 3 hours) without him. It's okay, he's a resourceful guy, he should be able to get on a Greyhound and catch up with us in NYC sometime later this weekend. Filling his seat in the car will be a good friend of mine, Matt Perpick, who is desperately punching out university research papers as quickly as possible in order to free up time for the trip (to NYC not around the world).

This first day of the trip isn't quite what I'd imagined. We're without Brian O'Neill and, disappointingly, tonight's destination is set to be Oshawa, Ontario (No offense intended to those who live there). It's a small bedroom community a mere 60km (38 Miles) East of the city. All the shots I got today for Yellow Fever and Typhoid will do me no good in 'The Shwa' as they call it. I'm craving more exotic locations.

This overnight stop serves more than one purpose. First, it gets us out of the thick of the city, where we'll be poised to burst out onto the open highway early tomorrow morning. And secondly, we'll be seeing Cuff the Duke perform at a place called Catch-22. I know nothing about them.

This is it, the first step on a much bigger journey.

'We have longer ways to go...'


sares said:

Ummmmmmmm not really the kind of upbeat humour we were talking about...but whateves it is a slow process you will get there eventually!! It was enjoyable reading about the shwa and glad to here perpeck is filling in...man this thing really does keep me up to date!! haha...and i love this comment section...watch out!!! have a safe trip to the SHWA dollface!!

October 6, 2005 05:48 PM
Ange said:

Hey Big Ol'-
So...you're on your way. Oshawa? ouch.
Hope the NYC proves to be much more exotic. Although I do hear that the Shwa is known for it's collection of murals throughout the city.

Keep jumpin' and keep your apostrophes or apostrophe's in order.

October 7, 2005 06:04 PM
Raymond O'Neill said:

Raymond O'Neill here - Brian's uncle (and godfather, too, watching over his unique spiritual awakening where "the road is life" takes him.

Terrific to see you're in New York, Ryan. Lived there for five years. Know it well. Great shot of Times Square with umbrellas in the rain. Do you know that famous black and white of lovers kissing there? A 40's war shot. And of James Dean, too - very brooding, smoke in mouth, hands in pockets.

Keep us posted.

(Do I click POST?) At any rate, hope this gets through to you. When is Brian's ETA in the big apple?


October 13, 2005 11:04 AM