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October 3, 2005 10:52 PM


Ryan and Brian - Sailing
Over the last few days we've been in contact with The Sudbury Star, a local newspaper that may be doing a story on our trip. It wasn't until they asked for a picture of Brian and I together that I realized that there are very few pics of us in the same frame, at least that I'm aware of. The one you see is what my mother was able to dig up on some very short notice. It was taken a couple years ago at John Island and has the added bonus of having a sailing theme! However, I'm pretty sure we'll need a more substatial boat than the one pictured.

I've also managed to secure a ride down to New York, my old roommate, Jon, has friends in Brooklyn. When he realized that this coming weekend up is, in fact, a long weekend here in Canada, he offered up the ride as a chance for him to help us out and catch up with some old friends. We'll be leaving Toronto on either the 7th or the 8th. This turn of events works well for Brian and I because it means we'll have a place to stay for the weekend before we have to move into a New York City hostel. If anybody out there has any hosteling secrets specific to Manhattan or Brooklyn; I'm all ears...

Brian has finished with his medical school applications only to divert his focus over to law school applications. I spoke with him tonight and I'm confident he'll have finished up all loose ends and be ready to travel by Friday morning. For now I wait. Idle. Tomorrow I'll chop wood and golf at the new 18-hole course in town; Built where the house I lived in for most of high-school used to exist. I think our home was about where the first green is now.


TuRbo said:

Since the YMCA JIC forums are sucking so much, this is now my favorite site. Brian and Ryan's adventure is like a type of choose your own adventure ejaculation of indirectly living someone else's good time.

October 4, 2005 07:01 AM
Ryan said:

Welcome TuRbo! I was wondering when you were going to appear. It's been way too long. I was beginning to worry about you way up there.

October 4, 2005 09:58 AM
matt said:

good post yo ... just put those exclamation points back where they belong... in the trash !!

omg !!

October 4, 2005 03:57 PM
Ryan said:

What in Gods name are you talking about ng about Matt? As far as I can tell, only one exlamation mark was used before you showed up!

October 4, 2005 08:32 PM
matt said:

No sir, Ryan, you are mistaken. Allow me, in Gods[sic] name, to clarify.

You wrote two exclamation points, namely the one in your post and another in your reply to Razor #1 Ryan Forsyth.

Lewis Thomas' words will do more justice to the subject than mine:

Exclamation points are the most irritating of all. Look! they say, look at what I just said! How amazing is my thought! It is like being forced to watch someone else's small child jumping up and down crazily in the center of the living room shouting to attract attention. If a sentence really has something of importance to say, something wuite remarkable, it doesn't need a mark to point it out. And if it is really, after all, a banal sentence needing more sing, the exclamation point simply emphasizes its banality!

October 4, 2005 10:59 PM