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August 23, 2005 03:10 PM

Moving Right Along - Cre8d Design

It's now less than 6 weeks before our set departure date, the countdown is on. I can't help but spend most of my time going over all the various loose ends and tasks I need to complete before we leave.

The web sight design is moving along nicely. I've enlisted the help of Rachel Cunliffe at Cre8d Design. She's a Kiwi web developer who specializes in blogs, community and small business websites. Provided she can wade through my sea of indecision and flagrant flip-flopping of ideas, I think you might see a nice, user friendly site in the near future.

And in other news, I've purchased a small (and very cheap) laptop computer on eBay to accompany me on my adventure, it'll serve as a spot to hold photos, compose entries for this site and generally keep me organized.

Next on the list is a new pair of shoes. My New Balance runners are getting worse everyday. It's hard to give up a favorite pair of shoes, but alas, it's time to let go.