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August 31, 2005


I think I've finally figured out how to get the comments configured for this site. From what I've read online, there seems to be a lot of paranoia about 'comment spam' out there these days by people who seem to know about what they're talking about.

With that in mind, I've configured the site so that anyone can comment on pretty much anything I post. If you're registered with TypeKey, then you should be able to comment without difficulty. If you'd prefer not to register, then you can still comment, it just won't appear until I've approved it. The point of the approval process is to prevent spammers from flooding this site with comments that link to life-time supplies of Vi*gra and interest free mortgages.

I'm interested in finding out how it all works, if it needs to be changed then I'll change it. So...ummmm... you can all start commenting now... Anybody?

*Edit - I've changed my mind. I'll add restrictions as I need them, for now anybody can comment.

August 29, 2005

You Get What You Pay For - In My Case, Not Much

Well, I knew it was too good to be true; a fully functional laptop computer for $244 USD. It worked perfectly for long enough for me to set up the software, plugins and bookmarks and get it humming just the way I like. It worked just long enough for me to get up off my arse and sell my other, bulkier, laptop. It even worked for long enough for me to start bragging about how great a bargain hunter I'd become.

Then it happened. I first noticed it with the "P" key; It wasn't as responsive as it could have been. The next morning it wouldn't work at all. 'No worries', I thought, 'maybe I'll just circumnavigate the globe without using the letter 'p'. It's probably never been done, I could be the first. Who really needs 'p' anyway?' It wasn't long after I'd decided that living without 'p' wouldn't be so bad when I noticed that 'o' and ';' were suffering the same fate. Long story short, the plague consumed my keyboard within 3 days.

It'll have to be replaced now. There's no way around it. I'm banking that this replacement keyboard does the trick. $40 USD with shipping, and once you figure labour to get it installed, I'll be lucky to escape for under $80. Still, with all things considered I haven't yet wasted my money on this laptop. It's still pretty cheap. I'll concede that I've wasted my money as soon as I drop my backpack in the first bit of water we encounter, or when it gets stolen at the first hostel we check into.

August 23, 2005

Moving Right Along - Cre8d Design

It's now less than 6 weeks before our set departure date, the countdown is on. I can't help but spend most of my time going over all the various loose ends and tasks I need to complete before we leave.

The web sight design is moving along nicely. I've enlisted the help of Rachel Cunliffe at Cre8d Design. She's a Kiwi web developer who specializes in blogs, community and small business websites. Provided she can wade through my sea of indecision and flagrant flip-flopping of ideas, I think you might see a nice, user friendly site in the near future.

And in other news, I've purchased a small (and very cheap) laptop computer on eBay to accompany me on my adventure, it'll serve as a spot to hold photos, compose entries for this site and generally keep me organized.

Next on the list is a new pair of shoes. My New Balance runners are getting worse everyday. It's hard to give up a favorite pair of shoes, but alas, it's time to let go.

August 15, 2005

The Plan

My plans are purposefully vague at this point, not because of some hidden agenda, but more because I'm trying to leave myself free to take up whatever opportunity strikes along the way. It's not about setting an itinerary and pre-arranging rides, it's more about walking out of my front door on October 1st with one objective; To return home the long way. To finish with a complete and real sense of the true scale of this planet. Of course, I plan to have some fun along the way and maybe even see some sights.

August 14, 2005

Circumnavigate The Globe

As I continue to brainstorm ideas about the aesthetics of this site, I was startled to discover that there are actually people visiting. Strange. I haven't mentioned the existence of this site to more than one or two people for many months. I'd figured that by now it'd be long forgotten and I'd have all the time I needed to get the ball rolling.

So far I haven't mentioned, in any detail, what this site is about. I'd been hoping to wait until the layout is actually finalized before explaining myself. However everything I read online insists that I should have several weeks worth of content before 'going live'. Content is king. So, umm... expect more from me from here on in.

This is my plan: Circumnavigate the globe.

This is the catch: Do it without the use of air travel.

Here's the tricky part: I don't own a sailboat.

No air travel, no time limits, and nowhere near enough money saved up. I'm convinced it'll make for a story worth telling, hence this website.

It's been a long time in the coming (10 years give or take), though we still won't actually leave for another couple months. My target date of departure is October 1st. Though I've just realized that if we wait an extra 10 days or so, I'll have a chance to spend Thanksgiving with family. Turkey dinner is my favorite meal of the year. Decisions, decisions...