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July 14, 2005 11:06 AM

The First Post

I really feel like this is something I need to get over with once and for all. Every new site seems to start with it; the symbolic first post. In my experience it usually doesn't say much beyond 'Wow, my first post, neat!' This one likely won't be any different.

To be honest, I'm surprised that I've made it this far. I typically get an idea in my head; go with it for a couple weeks, then move on to the next big thing. This site, however, has been differentiated by the fact that it's consistently been in my thoughts for two years now, sort of a recurring daydream that won't go away. Of course, I have yet to take any real initiative other than registering the domain name and getting my host, LivingDot, to install the Movable Type publishing platform.

Not to worry, I've got big plans from here on in. If all goes according to plan this site will become a sort of travelogue about a pretty big trip I'm planning to take in October.

There we go; the first post is out of the way. Boy what a relief.